We are XXI century marketing consultants,  our motto is: "we help your business".

We  work or partner with anyone : from small entrepreneurs to big corporates, for the time of a call or forever and you only pay for skills because Otto Collective does not have structures, is "liquid and adaptive".

Thanks to a great network of talents and professionals Otto Collective develops complete projects, ideas, strategies,  events and courses.

Co-creation allows us to give our clients a full range of services and we can provide a unique strategy for each business.

With more than a decade of experiences we have the abilities to handle both on-line and off-line strategies, moreover we didn't forget where marketing comes from.

Thanks for being here.


OttoCollective core activities

How we work

Our Core activities are focused in four areas Consultancy, Narrative,  Strategy , People
Design Thinking
We use it to develop each and every project. This is our A to Z method. Empathize-Define-Ideate-Prototype-Test. We also adopt SCRUM method for the whole project managing process.
Narrative Design
When we are asked to develop a "narrative strategy" we work as book authors because your brand is worth it. A good structure and the right tone of voice are the keys to success.
Archetypal Approach
We use Archetypes to imagine our costumers. Their lifestyles and routines, as well as desires, dreams and oddities. We prefer clusters and "lifestyle moodboard"
Holistic Approach
A project has to be functional on many levels so we use the Holistic approach to ensure it: we build tactics and strategies in order to cover the whole Marketing Mix, then it's all about you to pick and choose what best fits your needs!

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