Otto Collective wants to help freelancers, entrepreneurs and small and medium companies.

We develop innovative business models, communication strategies and tactics to reach meaningful and outstanding  results which  enables them to engage costumers and stakeholders for a long period of time and in a sustainable way.

We have different solutions, according to budgets and efforts as we know how difficult is to find the right “path” in this ultra fragmented and virtual world.

Our “SMB Tool” is structured in a very simple way.

Our aim is to be supportive and we follow your business step by step but most of all we want to train you first: understand the marketing and communication tools is the key.

What we can do for you  is exactly the same thing big companies or agencies do, the only thing that changes is “the subject” and “the scale”.

We can help for:

  1. Setting the marketing and communication area of your company in a profitable way;
  2. Developing marketing and communication projects both on line and off line;
  3. Setting the Digital Transformation along with our tech partner;
  4. Developing the personal or corporate storytelling, helping with all the editorial line which is now a strategic asset and everything related to the “image”.
  5. Consulting for any issue related to the marketing communication area of your business;
  6. Giving advice in finding the right partners for Social Media Managing and training your resources in a proper way.

If you are a small entrepreneur or a freelance the SMB Tool also gives you the possibility to contact us with via the: “Consulting Calls” in order to help your growth and empower your skills.

If you are interested feel free to contact Chiara at anytime: 

We open our minds and skills to you.