With Otto Collective we can develop communication projects from scratch or help you in manage your business idea better, with more than fifteen years of experience in public relation, communication and brand managing  we have a wide and complete know-how of the Marketing Mix.

We operate as counselors and strategists as well as project managers; in doing so we are able to “dig” into the project solving and fixing issues or developing new paths at any time.

If you prefer we can just analyze and verify your tactics and strategies giving advices about changes and upgrades, for the records: this is one of the topics of our Mentorship program.

Thanks to our partners we are able to develop projects “head to toe” or even market new products: we collaborate with art directors, designers, web developers, analysts, engineers, architects, web influencers anyone can be useful from the start to the end of the journey.


Design Thinking 

If you want to see how we develop and manage projects please, check our Project Game.

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