Storytelling: the Art of telling stories.

No doubt this is one of the most mistreated words in the world nowadays.

Storytelling is an Art, Storytelling needs creativity but most of all storytelling needs methods, rules and structure.

Setting up a real and true Storytelling takes time, doing that for a brand, a company, a person implies a deep search, tries and errors: do not trust who says “we can make a storytelling project” without goose bumps all over your body.

We can do Storytelling, of course. Our Story Architect, Valentina, spent years in developing her know how, writing novels, books and articles, plus she is a brand manager and she knows what market a product means.

Otto Collective can build narrative paths for brands and products, as well as for digital and communication projects.

We can literally design your story and then you can choose us to find the right way to give this story to the world, your choice.

Thanks to our network of photographers, visual consultants, video makers, influencers, illustrators, and other creative minds we can offer a wide range of opportunities to you

Our design thinking method and the Archetypal approach are perfect to build a “hero journey”

If you are interested in this area please feel free to contact Valentina at anytime: