I  realize is impossible to write a brief resume of what I heard at WebSummit 2017, so it’s more simple for me – even form my perfect english – to share with you  a sort of  diary posting all the videos I found on the Websummit’s Facebook fan page. In this way you can see and listen the conferences I attended and pick what you think is more relevant, videos are all related to my personal Websummit timetable.

I’ll add a  “relevant words” area, in order to enlights my key messages and inspiring phrases.

The first > Influencig Instagram


John Hegarty Co-founder and Creative Director @ BBH & Whalar

Neil Waller Co-founder & CEO @ Whalar

Murad & Nataly Osmann Executive producers and Instagram Stars

Blathnaid Healy Senir editor CNN Digital Worldwide

Let the influencers work alone > super native content
Change the brief according with the influencer audience
Transparency is the core of communication
Integrate the marketing mix matching the right influencers with the brand
New working classes > bottom top creativity.


Do not push to have and ADV, collaborate to have a relevant content to be share with a diverse audience.
Chose people who are able to manage brief and creativity
Chose who works ethically and in full transparency.

this below is a branded content

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